The Deathless Woman

Eight years after I first stood at the side of the lake at Várpalota, this blog is being archived.

This has been an amazing journey which has taken me into the homes of witnesses and survivors in the UK, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. I started off thinking about memory, landscape and atrocity and years later the work has become about the here and now and about how history has failed the Roma.

There have been multiple films…some small films which I’ve posted here on this blog, and others that have been exhibited publicly, such as the video installation This is History (after all) and the Random Acts film made for Channel 4 Its Going to Rain. I’ve written thousands of words and spoken at conferences and given presentations about this work in the UK, Netherlands and the USA.

All this work finally leads to The Deathless Woman – a feature film which had it’s world premiere at the BFI London Film Festival in October 2019.

In memory of the thousands of Roma who were murdered during WWII and the many more who continue to be subjected to violent and murderous prejudice in Europe today.

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